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Terms & Conditions

Services We Offer

We offer a free estimating and planning service whereby the quantity of materials and final price of the order is to be determined by this home visit.

Payment & Payment Options

We accept most major credit cards including MasterCard, Maestro and American Express. Payment is taken at the time you place your order. Payment using credit or debit card is taken at the time you place your order and is processed using an independent company's secure payment processing system. We do not use, or have access to, any of your payment card information.

Privacy Policy

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Uplift and Disposal

If you have opted for the 'uplift service', under the contract between you and the fitter, the fitter will remove the old floor covering and stack this where convenient for you. He will only carry out this work if there is no health and safety risk to the fitter in respect of the product being uplifted. If you have decided not to opt for this service, it is your responsibility to ensure the old floor covering is uplifted prior to the fitters arrival. 

If you have opted for the disposal service, the fitter will remove all waste/packaging from site. If you have not opted for this service, the fitter will leave the waste/packaging bagged up neatly on site for you to dispose of.

Delivery & Installation

We act as agents for independent fitting and delivery contractors. Fitting and delivery is chargeable. We can arrange for one of these to deliver and/or fit your purchase under a separate agreement between you and them. We retain full responsibility for the products and services we supply and the deliverer/installer is responsible for the standard and quality of, and any liability arising from delivery and/or installation. Payment for the fitting is made directly to the fitter on satisfactory completion of the work.

If you would like us to make arrangements for the fitting of your floor covering, you appoint us as your agent to arrange the fitting of your product. Reasonable care will be taken to identify a fitter we believe is suitable to fit your chosen floor covering. We will liaise with you and the fitter to arrange a suitable date.


Delivery of the goods is quoted at 7-10 days from the date of ordering. The delivery timeframe can vary depending on the availability of the stock at the time of ordering. Fitting can then be arranged once the goods have arrived in. Please check the goods you receive are the ones you ordered and they are examined for apparent faults or damage at the time of delivery and before installation. If on inspection you have any doubts please contact us immediately. All delivery and fitting dates are estimates given in good faith. Exact arrival and completion times cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of the work.

We do not deliver products ourselves, but use third party delivery services. Your details will be shared with them to allow delivery to take place. We will share your information (name, address and contact details, along with the product being delivered), with the delivery provider.

If there is a problem with the fitting which we have arranged under the agency agreement referred to in these terms and conditions, we will ask the fitter concerned to revisit your property in order to carry out any necessary remedial works. Any contract for fitting is between you and the fitter. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Moving Furniture

The fitter will move empty items of furniture and the amount of items to be moved should be discussed at the time of the home consultation and before your order is placed. This does not include white or electrical goods, pianos or antiques. If you have not opted for this service, it is your responsibility to ensure the area/s are clear of any items of furniture prior to the fitters arrival. Please ensure these areas are clear to avoid any delays or inconvenience with your fitting.

Door Trimming

Doors may need to be trimmed to allow clearance, this is not part of the fitting work unless this has been specifically agreed. Fitters may remove doors to facilitate the fitting and leave them ready for you or your appointed carpenter to carry out the trimming and re-hanging. If you have fire doors, external doors or non-wood doors that require trimming, this work will need to be carried out by a specialist and this is not a service which LJ Flooring will either carry out or arrange. If you have fire doors or external doors you will need to make arrangements to have them removed prior to the fitting taking place to avoid any delays.

Floor Surveying and Subfloor Preparation

LJ Flooring can carry out a free home flooring survey. We will only carry out and take responsibility for any free survey where the product to be installed is to be purchased from us. If you have asked an LJ Flooring home flooring surveyor to visit your home and carry out a home flooring survey to check the suitability of a particular product to be supplied by us, the survey is limited to checking what is physically visible without lifting your existing floor covering. If you would like the entire subfloor checked, it is your responsibility to ensure the existing floor covering is uplifted prior to the inspection. After the inspection, we will advise you of any works that might be necessary prior to the floor covering being installed.

Cancellations and Refunds

Once your order has been placed you have entered into a contract which is legally binding. By purchacing over the phone, in your home or at another premesis you are entering into either a "distance contract" or an "off-premesis contract". In addition to your normal statatory rights as a consumer you also have the right to cancel your contract at anytime upto 14 days after your order is delievered to you.


This right does not apply to products that are made to your specification. This includes floor coverings which have been cut from a roll to your specific order size. If your order has not been cut to your specific order size we will accept a cancellation and refund your money. If, however, the product has been cut to your specifications we will accept a cancellation and deduct any costs we will have incurred from the refund we issue to you. We will advise you of any costs and you may then decide whether or not you wish to proceed to cancel the order.


If a refund is agreed it will be issued by LJ Flooring. Refunds are made to the person named on the sales invoice but credit/debit card refunds can only be made to the card account used at the time of purchase.

After Sales Service

If you require any help or you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us (see details below). It is very important to notify us if you are not satisfied with your purchase to enable us to put things right for you as quickly as we can.

Once your flooring has been fitted, please inspect the work with the fitter before they leave. If there are any issues at this stage, please identify them with the fitter and this can be addressed before the fitter leaves.

Company Information

LJ Flooring

Frost Court

Great Doddington, Wellingborough


NN29 7NL

Wellingborough Office 01933 273796 | Mobile 07841 460946


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Closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays

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