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Most of our vinyl flooring is available in 2M, 3M and 4M widths so it can make an ideal solution for other rooms of your home such as bedrooms and lounges.

Easy to clean, easy to install and you can be confident your floor will look fantastic and last for years!

Slip resistant vinyl flooring

Flooring that gives you the grip you need

Discover our range of vinyl flooring

We have many different collections of vinyl flooring. Easy to look after and practical especially for busy family homes. Most of our vinyl is available in 2M, 3M and 4M widths making it an ideal solution for other rooms of your home including bedrooms, lounges and dining rooms.


Are you looking for wood effect, tile, mosaic or slate? Whatever your budget or lifestyle, we have the flooring for you. Browse through our ranges and styles to find the right one for you.

Our flooring specialist will visit your home to help you decide on an ideal flooring solution. We will measure your chosen areas accurately to ensure the best price and minimum wastage.

Slip resistant vinyl flooring

All of our vinyl flooring is slip resistant. This rating comes in the form of an 'R' value, and the 'R' value stands for 'ramp test'.


Most vinyl flooring will be labelled with this information, ranging from R9 which has a small degree of slip resistance, right up to R13 which is the highest degree of slip resistance.

Slip resistant vinyl flooring
Warranty of 10 years
Easy maintenance

OUR Price £12.99 M2
Felt backed vinyl flooring
Easy to clean
Slip resistant

OUR Price £13.99 M2
Heavy domestic vinyl flooring
Slip resistant
Modern designs

OUR Price £13.99 M2
High performance vinyl flooring
Warranty of 6 years
East maintenance

OUR Price £13.99 M2
Slip resistant cushion vinyl flooring
Warranty of 5 years
Natural look and feel

OUR Price £14.99 M2
Easy maintenance vinyl flooring
10 Year guarantee
R10 slip resistant

Our Price £19.99 M2
R10 Slip resistant vinyl flooring
10 Year guarantee
Suitable for underfloor heating

OUR Price £19.99
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